Know Us Better

What is Algo Inc?

  • Algo Inc is a digital solution for your business
  • Where business meets technology. We offer you more than just a technology, we give you IT Solution for growing your business
  • We Create personalised digital solution for every business, according to client needs

Why Algo Inc?

  • Aim to be able to provide comprehensive solution both for the public interest of individuals and corporations that are right on target, efficient, reliable and most useful.
  • The foundation of full responsibility, honesty, sincerity, reativity and effectiveness as well as high accountability is the basic foundation in every job done.
  • Customer and community satisfaction is the ultimate goal to be achieved by always paying attention to social, economic, security and usability aspects by always involving end-users and stakeholders in each of their activities.
  • Supported by strong resources and always keeping up with the technology developments are the methods to be used to maintain product and work quality, both short and long term.
  • Evaluation and review is caried out continuously on products, services and jobs that have been produce in the hope of producing better quality.
  • We always do profesionalism in every job and work with all parties, because we are confident and aware that without the participation of all parties, we may not be able to do our best.

Our Core Team




Business Development Director

Intan S.K

Project Management and Development


UI Design


Operational Officer